Pard Night Vision Scopes Are Back!

Pard night vision scopes were removed from shop shelves not so long ago but we're happy to let you know that they're back!

Pards night vision scopes are some of the mpst popular on the market and for good reason, they're a very good bit of kit at a great price point.

We now have both the NV007 & the the NV008 back in stock.

Pard NV007

£434.95 In-store.

The Pard NV007 is a world-leading light-weight economy outdoor hunting night-vision scope with the build quality of military products and the price of ordinary consumer scopes.

The NV007 is a rear mounted scope that allows you to quickly and easily convert your day scope into a state of the art hunting scope for close and long range vision, day or night.

Pard NV007 Night Vision Scope

Pard NV007 Features:

  • 1080p Video recording day or night to Micro SD
  • Built in 5w 850nm IR infrared illuminator 150-200yrd with variable focus and three power settings
  • Built in 1mw laser for use as a marker or range finding
  • Upto 8hrs run time
  • Easy fit aluminium scope mount
  • Light weight (250g)
  • Digital zoom
  • Focus-able dioptre
  • Built in Wifi - remote viewing via tablet or phone
  • Adjustable brightness and exposure control
  • 16mm focusable lens
  • Includes 42mm, 45mm or 48mm ring mount for fitting over ocular lens

Pard NV008

£649.00 In-store

The Pard NV008 is a world-leading professional night vision hunting scope, it is smart, lightweight and with an ergonomic design. With IPX67 Waterproof this night vision scope is suitable for use in all weather conditions, the NV008 provide for long range viewing upto 200m.

Easy to use and operate with a great range of features, this is a great night vision scope for night time hunting.

Pard NV008 Night Vision Scope

Pard NV008 Features:

  • High Definition OLED 1024X768 Screen
  • Wifi Connectivity & Smart Phone Control
  • E-Compass / 3D Giroscope
  • HD Video Recording
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Day & Night Modes
  • Waterproof IPX7 Rated
  • 6061 Grade Aluminium Alloy Construction

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