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The HIK Micro Gryphon 35mm LRF fusion monocular introduces many unique features including ground-breaking bi-spectrum, Fusion technology which uses a thermal sensor alongside a conventional optical camera to deliver a super-detailed thermal image.


You can use the HIK Gryphon in several image modes. As a standard thermal monocular with a choice of 4 colour palettes. A highly detailed daylight & night vision optical camera. Or, the unique Fusion mode which boosts the definition and detail of the thermal image. 

The Gryphon chassis introduces a range of new features. Including a jog wheel, that allows you to scroll the magnification up and down. An optional laser range finder, and a removable 18650 battery. Also, a large 1024x768 OLED display gives you a bright and crisp view of your surroundings that’s easy on your eye. 
At the centre of the Gryphon is HIK MICRO’s 384x288px, 12µm thermal sensor with a sub 35mk NETD. The accurate thermal sensor is capable of detecting small temperature differences and then building a highly detailed image, even in the harshest of conditions. 
The thermal sensor of the Gryphon is paired with HIK MICRO’s high performance 35mm focal length lens system. This delivers 3.3x optical magnification with up to 8x digital magnification. The thermal lens system has a high specification F1.0 aperture, meaning that all the available thermal signal reaches the sensor. This combines with the highly accurate thermal sensor to deliver incredible thermal performance. 
The optical camera is capable of providing a detailed image both in daylight hours and in complete darkness using the supplied IR torch. Quickly switch between pure thermal view and a detailed optical mode to detect and identify heat sources. 
The unique Fusion mode adds the detail from the optical image to boost the performance of the thermal channel. Delivering the ultimate in detection and detail. 

The all-new chassis design has been developed to be easily held and operated in one hand. Three buttons on the top of the unit make it easy to operate the laser range finder and switch between image modes. Also included is a revolutionary jog wheel that falls comfortably to the tip of your index finger, and can be used to scroll up and down the magnification. This jog wheel is also used to quickly navigate the menu system. 
The Gryphon is also the first Monocular in the HIK MICRO range to be powered by the industry standard 18650 removable battery. This makes extended hunting trips possible without any power concerns. Replacement batteries are readily available and cheap to buy. A high specification charger is included with your Gryphon. The charger provides detail about both the charging status and the health of your batteries. Ensuring that you aren’t caught in the field with dead batteries. 
Other small improvements include the power button now having a status light, so you can see at a quick glance if the unit is powered on or in standby mode. 


The 600m laser range finder is located on the left-hand side of the unit in a compact housing and offers a distance reading accurate to ±1m. When activated there is a small crosshair added to the display that can be used to target the rangefinder. Simply press and hold the Rangefinder button and the distance to your target is displayed on the screen. 

As with all other HIK MICRO thermal products, you can access the T-Vision app to stream, record and control your Gryphon. You can record images and video from your trips to the 16GB internal memory.
The latest version of the T-Vision app has extended features. Transferring images stored on the device into your phone, and updating your device to the latest firmware is now a breeze.