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The Yukon Sightline N450 S features six selectable electronic reticles with a choice of three colours for customisation, as well as having a high calibre 6000j shock-resistance and long eye relief.

With a variable 4-16x magnification Yukon Sightline N450 permits viewing up to 400m away, in high detail via the new HD sensor and AMOLED display. 

Perfect for use on air rifles, rimfire or centrefire, the Sightline features Picture in Picture mode for precision aiming at extended ranges with an integrated IR illuminator and DNV rechargeable power supply system.


  • HD-sensor 1280x720
  • High magnification 4-16x
  • Over 350 m nighttime viewing range
  • Enhanced nighttime sensitivity
  • Scalable ballistic reticles
  • Accurate Zoom Zeroing
  • Three individual shooting profiles
  • Quick start-up time
  • Universal rail for various mount types
  • Quick-release rechargeable power supply included
  • Easy operation with a single controller
  • High calibre applicable: cal 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H
  • Powerful long-range IR illuminator
  • High precision aiming with “Picture-in-Picture” mode


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Perfect for use with an air rifle, rimfire, or centerfire. The Yukon Sightline N450S features Picture in Picture mode for precision aiming at extended ranges.

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