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The M2 Speed is the semi-automatic shotgun designed to deliver unrivalled performance in IPSC shooting competitions. This is the 24" Model.


Designed by professional shooters for professional shooters, the M2 Speed features some new key features which help deliver unparalleled performance. The ComforTech 3 recoil reduction system significantly reduces muzzle climb, ensuring faster target acquisition. The bolt has a BE.S.T surface treatment guaranteeing smoother and faster cycling. The loading port is both wider and rounder aiding faster re-loading and the new 12-shot magazine allows for even greater cartridge capacity. Other features include a new bolt handle for better grip and larger and wider bolt release for easier chamber closure. The M2 Speed also looks as good as it shoots with its distinctive racing grey receiver and feature red cross which transverses the barrel and magazine tube.


  • Guage: 12
  • Chamber: 76mm
  • Barrels & Chokes: CB - Interchangeable choke 61/65 cm Knurled*
  • Receiver Finishing: Ergal, black anodised with mat finish
  • Stock & Fore-End: In Technopolymer with Air Touch checkering
  • Stock Length Trigger Measured / Deviation: 365 ± 2 mm, modifiable to 355 ± 2 mm with short butt plate or to 375 ± 2 mm with long butt plate. Cast: variable, LH and RH
  • Magazines: Magazine tube for 10 rounds (12/70 mm), 9 rounds (12/76 mm)
  • Weight: approx. 3,250 g with 65 cm barrel

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