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All New Pulsar Thermal Scopes Now In!!

Published: 18/05/2017

We have seen some major improvements in the world of thermal scopes over the last 3 years.

The quality, ergonomics and functions of the units have all improved as demonstrated by the new Pulsar Helion unit:

The Pulsar Helion Scope comes with all the same features of the Quantum series (colour palettes etc.) but with enhanced capabilities, better clarity and higher magnification.

The Pulsar Scope also features a wireless remote control, wi-fi connectivity for live footage and streaming to your phone, IPX7 level of waterproofing and the all-new quick-change B-pack power unit.

Another new product from the Pulsar range is the Quantum lite. The Pulsar Quantum Lite has all of the features found on the last Quantum series (XQ range) but by reducing the lens size and increasing the processor capabilities it maintains clarity and detection without the £3000 price tag.

The Quantum Lite Scopes start at £1195, making it a lot more affordable to take down that difficult charlie.