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Benelli M2 ComforTech Cerakote

Published: 19/05/2021

The semi-auto M2 is Benelli's best selling model and with good reason. These guns are simple, durable and reliable. Characterised by their one-piece receiver, the Benelli M2 is easy to maintain and provides fluid operation. This is the semi-auto of choice for many professional shooters and now it's available, in limited quantities, with a Cerakote finish.

The Cerakote coating not only makes this the toughest M2 available but the Tungsten Grey coating looks pretty good too.

Why Cerakote?

Cerakote is an ultra-thin ceramic polymer coating that provides many benefits, including increased wear, corrosion and chemical resistance. Also improving impact strength, Cerakote is the ideal application for protecting your firearms.

Here's a youtube video demonstrating the anti-corrosion capability of Cerakote

Benelli M2 ComforTech?

Benelli's ComforTech system uses state of the art synthetics and is one of the most effective out there, it's exceptional at reducing recoil. Not only that, the system is designed to reduce uplift and shorten re-targeting time. Benelli claims unparalleled comfort and performance from the ComforTech system, who are we to argue.

Benelli explain the ComforTech system in this video

The Benelli M2 Comfortech Cerakote 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun is in-store now!