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Beretta 694 In-Store

Published: 31/10/2019

In-Store £3300

The new Beretta 694 has been designed in collaboration with the Beretta shooting team specifically for competition shooting, with one objective in mind, to help shooters increase their success rate.

Due to Beretta's meticulous design process, the 694 represents a supremely balanced over-and-under competition shotgun. Natural and quick when shouldering, it features a precise swing and is easy to control.

The slender, modern design lends the 694 a "racing" feel, for a strong, winning look.


The new shape of the action and the stock provide an expanded field of vision, while the new forend iron system enables the user to maintain the opening load constant over time, and the Steelium Plus barrels guarantee a compact, uniform pattern every time.

The ergonomics of the stock has been fully redesigned to provide the ideal configuration for every discipline. The first new feature is the way the action is bedded into the stock, where the profile of the action is accompanied by two progressive grooves, thus reducing the presence of obstructions in the field of view when shouldering the gun: this important development helps the shooter to avoid having to raise his/her head from the line of sight, a movement that often results in a "zero".

The metallic surfaces, which are subject to overheating in constant usage, have been drastically reduced, helping the shooter's hands. The newly devised, steel action has a modern, sporting look, and features side panels with a mirrored profile and diagonal lines underlined by a blue graphic design.

The bottom of the action is finished with Beretta's three arrows and 694 logo, again in blue, while the Nistan finishing lends it the typical matte grey colour.

The 694 is already supremely balanced when it leaves the factory, but more demanding shooters can opt to use Bretta's B-Fast Balancing System to customise the configuration to suit their needs.

The 694 barrels are designed to support a system of 15, 10 and 5 g weights that can be positioned in the five available slots in the muzzle and under the forend (the weights may be purchased separately).

Thanks to the fitting system on the lateral rib openings, the weight is spread along the whole length of the barrel, improving the weapon's motion and reducing muzzle jump but without creating any noise or vibrations during the shot.

In addition, their design has been developed to perfectly fit the lateral ribs ensuring there is no risk of them being lost or visibility being hindered.

All in all a fantastic looking gun.