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Beretta Silver Pigeon III

Published: 09/09/2020

As you may expect from one of the biggest and best gun manufacturers in the world, the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III is the embodiment of quality engineering.

Incredibly well built, strong, simple, elegant and does it's job magnificently well.

The 687 Pigeon III has been designed to meet the needs and desires of shooters looking for the reliability of the 680 platform whilst presented with attractive aesthetics and a superior wood finish.

The Beretta Silver Pigeon III is equipped with Beretta's cold hammer forged, deep drilled and vacuum relieved Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels. Excellent ballistics are guaranteed with the 80-millimeter double forcing cone, designed to offer outstanding performance with perfect and uniform patterns, whilst reducing recoil at the same time.

The furniture of the 2020 Silver Pigeon III shotgun is made of a class 2.5 walnut wood and has a new eye catching gloss finish that provides better protection in field conditions, providing more protection from water.

The action of the new Silver Pigeon III features a new modern, high-contrast floral game scene. Engraved using the latest update in laser engraving technology, a 5-axis lase which is capable of engraving rounded surfaces whilst maintaining perfect continuity.

This new updated 2020 version of the 687 Silver Pigeon III has improved over it's predecessors thanks to new manufacturing, quality control and laser engraving techniques and is available in-store at Shooting Supplies Ltd.

In-Store £2095 - Baretta 687 Silver Pigeon III