Browning B725 Sporter 12M

Due to Browning's offering of £150 cashback on new purchases from the B725 Sporter range, we thought this would be a good time to take a quick look at the new Browning Sporter 12M.

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The B725 range is billed as 'The perfect harmony between the shooter and his weapon', given the popularity of these guns who's to argue?

The B725 Sporter 12M, as with all of the B725 range, features Inflex II Technology, Invector-DS Chokes and a Low Action Frame. All together, these provide for fantastic shooting comfort and unrivalled performance.

So what are all of these things that make for such a great shooting experience?

Inflex II Technology - The Inflex II recoil pad is fitted as standard throughout the B725 range. This is an ultra flexible pad which provides maximum recoil absorption. Internal directional deflection construction guides the comb down and away from your cheek for greater shooting comfort and faster, more accurate follow-up shots. You can buy additional recoil pads to adjust the length of your stock adapting the gun to fit you.

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Invector-DS Chokes - The Invector DS chokes feature a gradual taper, ring seals and a custom internal profile. The ring seal provides a double seal and is designed to stop gas and grit getting in, making for less cleaning and easy removal after shooting. The tapered end not only gives a sleeker look but ensures that shot patterns tighten consistently and reliably.

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Low Action Frame - The low action frame allows faster aiming and more instinctive shooting as a result. The frames inline recoil provides a more comfortable shooting position and reduces muzzle flip. The low action frame makes for good manoeuvrability and effectiveness when shooting. Not only that, it has a 10 year guarantee.

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The B725 Sporter 12M brings a new matt finish to the barrels, trigger guard, fore-end iron and top lever. There is also a new plain polished design for the body decoration.

Modifications to the stock and grip shapes have been applied on this model, you will also find that the comb has been re-profiled and is now 2-3mm slimmer.

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