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Browning Maxus Sporting Black Carbon Fibre

Published: 14/11/2019

In-Store from £1249.00

Browning's Maxus Sporting in Black Carbon Fibre looks the business. The Maxus is a proven and globally well-liked gun and this model will certainly not disappoint you if you're looking for a light, responsive semi-auto shotgun.

Reliability built-in, Browning's Power Drive gas system has been designed to perform under harsh hunting and shooting conditions with a wide array of loads. These guns are supremely reliable and mostly maintenance-free as long as they are kept clean.

Performance, this Maxus Sporting model has less recoil, less muzzle jump, a faster bolt speed and a claimed 24% faster lock time than the nearest competitor. The time between pulling the trigger and being ready for the next shot is very short on this semi-auto due to its advanced trigger and firing pin system.

The years of service this gun will provide make it incredibly good value for money, and just look at that carbon fibre!

*Pricing correct at date of post