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Chiappa Rhino Nebula

Published: 15/08/2019

In-Store from £1495.

Chiappa Firearms have introduced the new Nebula variant of its Rhino revolver, sporting a captivating multi-colored finish which almost instantly made it a star.

The Nebula has been featured in countless movies, TV shows and videogames – offering form, function, and performance in one package.

As with all the Rhino variants, the Chiappa Rhino Nebula revolver is built around a CNC-machined alloy frame and features a precision-built 6-inch (152 mm) steel barrel.

An octagonal cylinder reduces the overall width, allowing for easier holstering and quicker draw.

The fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight of the Chiappa Firearms Rhino Nebula revolver offer high-visibility fiber optic inserts, and the barrel shroud sports a machined bottom Picatinny rail for tactical accessories and a top MIL-STD 1913 rail portion for reflex sights.

The Chiappa Rhino Nebula also comes with a distinctive blue laminate wood grip, conceived to match the colour tones of the deep space-inspired “Nebula” finish.

The caliber is .357 Magnum; every Rhino Nebula revolver comes issued with two moon clips for fast reloading.