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Daystate Pulsar Synthetic

Published: 01/08/2019

In-Store from £1499

The Daystate Pulsar Synthetic PCP Air Rifle is a damned good air rifle, read on to learn more.

The Daystate Pulsar is a feat of engineering, featuring an electronic firing system providing more accuracy and consistency than ever before.

The Daystate Pulsar doesn't use the standard hammer and valve system, instead, it uses a super consistent electric solenoid that reads the pressure within the air cylinder, and strikes the valve the exact amount to provide extreme consistency between shots.

The Pulsar's Synthetic stock is ergonomic and easy to handle and with a weaver rail underneath the barrel, mounting accessories such as bipods and lamps is effortless.

The Daystate Pulsar stock is fully ambidextrous—even the cocking lever can be reversed. This is also one of the safest air rifles ever, with an unprecedented array of safety systems.