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Eley Hawk Alpha Elite Have Landed!

Published: 25/02/2020

Eley Hawk has launched its latest innovation in cartridges the Alpha Elite. A brand new “birdshot” cartridge for the Practical Shooting Discipline this has been crafted to ensure the best results for this fast-paced sport.

The load is a 28 gram 7.5 shot fibre wad 70 mm case length cartridge with a 16 mm brass. The PSB+3 powder ensures a low smoke output at the muzzle to ensure the best possible visibility for the shooter firing multiple shots in a narrow target area. The consistent shot to shot performance and crafted power factor of 540 ensures that the low recoil, reduced muzzle flip, and rapid target acquisition can be gained on every stage.

The fibre wad system in the cartridge ensures a tight pattern with a dense centre is achieved which is perfect for avoiding the “no shoot” penalty targets.

The use of a 16 mm brass length delivers an easy eject on mag fed, semi-automatic gas cycling, inertia shotguns or pump-action guns and careful crimping provides quick and easy loading where speed is needed.

Available in-store today!