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FX Maverick, In-Store Now!

Published: 28/01/2021

The awesome FX Maverick features the largest power plenum yet on an FX rifle, with dual regulators!

The dual regulator setup on the Maverick is designed to achieve two things, more consistent power and longer longevity for the regulators. This is achieved by the following process. The first regulator reduces the power for the 2nd, providing less stress and more consistent output pressure. Simple, yet effective. Both regulators can be adjusted externally.

The Maverick makes use of the rear power adjuster that was used on the Wildcat. The hammer adjuster makes both micro and macro adjustments easy, allowing the Maverick to be fully adjusted in tune with the regulators for your chosen calibre and projectile. Something else from the Wildcat is the magazines, a 22 shot for the .177 compact and an 18 shot for the .22 sniper model.

Featuring a tactical aluminium chassis, an adjustable match trigger, 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail and multiple Picatinny accessory rails the Maverick offers up plenty of customisation options. The Maverick also sports AR Grips and the new rear adjustable FX buttpad.

The FX interchangeable 'Smooth Twist X' barrel and liner system is used here, perfect for shooting pellets, hybrid slugs and lighter weight slugs.

The Maverick is offering the best of both worlds from the Wildcat and the Impact at a great price. For specs and more, visit the FX Wildcat page here.

We have the Compact and Sniper models in stock now. Call for details 01527 831 261.