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New Infiray Thermal Range In Store!

Published: 05/05/2021

New in-store we have a range of thermal optics from InfiRay. We now stock both monoculars and scopes from the company that promises ultra-long endurance in lightweight and budget-friendly packages whilst providing the performance that we have come to expect.

The EYE Series

The EYE series are pocket-sized thermal monoculars that provide an easy to operate design with high-quality thermal optics. EYE monoculars are designed to increase imaging clarity and overall image detail with results that offer a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities whilst keeping power usage low and operating time long.

The Budget-Friendly Infiray Eye E2N Thermal Monocular

In-Store £654.95

Despite it's compact size and low price the E2N provides plenty of performance. With 15hr battery life and 2x Zoom this monocular will more than likely outlast your trip. The 50Hz display is clear and responsive at distances just over 500m. You can also connect the E2N to any Android or Apple mobile via USB for that larger screen or for device management.

Find further information on the InfiRay Eye E2N product page.

The Perfect Companion Thermal Monocular - EYE II SERIES E3 MAX

In-Store £1889.95

The EyeⅡ series are embedded with IRay, an independently developed high-performance Vox detector that allows you to get high detailed thermal images from this compact form.

Again, with this model Infiray are pushing the limits on battery life with the use of a new ceramic encapsulated detector, which is lighter and provides lower power consumption than previous models.

Here you get a 1280×960 high-resolution display that offers crisp images and vivid colours and amazing detection distances pushing close to 2000m.

Find further information on the InfiRay Eye II E3 Max product page.

InfiRay Finder Thermal Monoculars

If You're Looking For A Built-In Laser Rangefinder - InfiRay Finder FH25R LRF

In-Store £2574.95

The compact design and built-in laser rangefinder makes the Infiray Finder Series FH25R LRF Thermal Monocular the best choice for outdoor investigation.

You get a full-colour LCOS display at 1280 x 960 resolution, which is also the resolution at which the internal video recorder saves images and videos.

Performance is excellent, thanks to the high magnification it is possible to detect objects at a great distance, up to 1300m.

The InfiRay Finder FH25R is a product that makes a great hunting tool and will attract many enthusiasts and professionals.

Get more details on the InfiRay Finder FH25R LRF product page.

InfiRay Thermal Rifle Scopes

Looking For An Excellent Entry Level Thermal Scope For Your Air Or Rimfire Rifle? We Have The InfiRay SAIM SCP19 Thermal Scope

In-Store £1199.95

The InfiRay 19mm SAIM SCP19 is the short-range vermin controller. With excellent portability and ease of use the SAIM is an excellent choice when looking for an entry-level thermal scope.

The SAIM gives users superb imaging quality even in poor weather conditions, using the Matrix Ⅲ custom algorithm which improves both image clarity and image detail. You also get manual sharpness adjustment on this model.

This model also features exceptionally high shock resistance. Get the specs for this thermal scope on the product page.

Last But Not Least - The InfiRay TUBE 35MM Thermal Rifle Scope

In-Store £2749.95

Well, here we are are at the higher end of the range with the InfiRay TUBE scope, which looks much like a rifle scope, but on the inside you will find that it houses some cracking technology.

The TUBE is described as a state-of-the-art thermal scope that has been designed for the professional hunter. Able to withstand extreme weather conditions whilst maintaining high-quality imaging.

With the 35mm TUBE you get up to 8 hours of battery life and an extreme detection range of around 1800m, not bad!

Get the full specs on the InfiRay TUBE product page.

Watch the run down on the InfiRay Thermal Range Here.