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New Vortex Stock - SPARC Solar Red Dot & HD Fury Binoculars

Published: 14/04/2021

New In-Store we have two products from Vortex, the SPARC Solar Red Dot and the Fury HD 5000 Binoculars. Read on for more..


The SPARC Solar uses solar power to keep the battery charged and automatically switches to battery when the sun goes down.

Ten daytime illumination settings are available for any conditions and a further two night. Adjustments are 1 MOA rather than 0.5 which simplifies the zeroing process. 1 MOA doesn’t compromise the available precision from the optic. Each click will move the dot only half the width or height of the dot.

The SPARC Solar is a very refined red dot right out of the box. You can tell that Vortex really cares about how the optics look.

FURY HD 5000 10x42

The glass on the Fury HD 5000 binoculars is excellent, falling somewhere between the Viper and Razor product lines. The major advantage of these binoculars is the powerful range finding technology, substantially improved over the Fury HD.

With a fresh CR123A battery, the Fury HD 5000 will shoot about 4,000 range readings before battery replacement is required. This is for single firings of the unit, not scans and ranging performance remains the same throughout the life of the battery.

When you pick up the Fury, you know immediately that you’re holding a substantial, solid optic. They’re tough and waterproof and a great buy.