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NL Pure Binoculars from Swarovski Optik

Published: 25/03/2021

To gain the kind of reputation and appeal that Swarovski has amassed, you have to deliver. And yet again with the NL Pure Binoculars, Swarovski has delivered.

What makes the NL Pure different to the rest? It's that huge field of view, it’s so wide you have to strain your eyes to inspect the edge of the image. And, it's the widest field of view available on the market, approximately 20% wider than the nearest competitor. It's thanks to this incredible field of view that whilst scanning woodlands and fields you are much better equipped to spy otherwise unseen animals on the peripheries, making you quicker and more productive.

As you’d expect from Swarovski, the build quality is exceptional across the board. The new ergonomically designed grip is easier and more comfortable to hold than other models and effortless to use over long periods of time. They are the best-packaged optics in the smallest and lightest possible form.

The new focusing system is silky smooth. With an easy push or pull you can slide the binoculars into focus, there’s just the right amount of travel in the focus wheel, a rabbit at 200m requires just a touch of adjustment to become razor sharp.

Optically, the NLs are unrivalled and will without a doubt become the benchmark for all other binoculars to come. Crystal clear lenses, bright, crisp and clear edge to edge viewing, with brilliant colour and contrast.

Swarovski are set to continue to dominate their field with these unmatched NL Pure Binoculars.