Schmeisser Straight Pull Rifles

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German quality without compromise is the promise from Schmeisser, who develop their rifles for hunters, sport shooters, police and military alike. All weapon systems from Schmeisser are manufactured in Germany with strict compliance to ISO9001. Rigorous checks of each and every rifle that leaves the factory contributes to the level of quality that you can expect from a Schmeisser rifle.

Schmeisser rifle held by man

Tradition meets high tech

Schmeisser GmbH was founded by Thomas Hoff and Andreas Schumacher in 2009. The founders had accumulated over 20 years of experience designing, developing and trading firearms prior to establishing the German firearms manufacturer. One of their initial projects was the production of self-loading, semi-automatic AR-15 rifles for civilians and fully-automatic M-16 rifles for the domestic and international police and military market.

The versatile development department at Schmeisser GmbH provides public authorities with the fastest possible solutions for their specific requirements.

Schmeisser GmbH is one of four licensed NATO and Bundeswehr small arms suppliers.

Schmeisser rifles stand out from competitor products through their proper functioning, regardless of which ammunition is used.

Schmeisser SP15 M4FL

On to the rifles

The Schmeisser Straight Pull is an even more precise straight pull repeater with a fluted, free-swinging .936 match barrel and a slim M-Lok fore-end. The dynamic trigger ensures a particularly uniform characteristic. The safety, magazine release, loading lever and slide catch are designed on both sides. Standard delivery with 10 round magazine.

SYSTEM                         Bolt Action Rifle             Bolt Action Rifle             Bolt Action Rifle
CALIBER .223 Rem .223 Rem .223 Rem
WEIGHT 3,250g 3,950g 3,950g
LENGTH 89.5cm 93cm 93 cm
RUN 37cm 42.5cm 46cm
TWIST 1:9 1:9 1:9
MAGAZINE 10 shot 10 shot 10 shot

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