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The New Swarovski Optik EL Rangefinding Binoculars, with Tracking Assist

Published: 25/02/2021

With easily the best optics in the industry, the EL Range has been the rangefinding binocular of choice for hunters for over a decade.

Now, with the addition of Tracking Assist, Swarovski has introduced a top of the range binocular that pairs world-class optics with modern digital intelligence.

The EL Range TA Binoculars deliver razor-sharp images and precise measuring functions at ranges from 10m to 2000m, whilst the integrated tracking assistant helps you to narrow down the area where your last shot hit the target.

Swarovski have not scrimped on the app for these either, which can be used to configure the binoculars to your individual ballistics data, which helps you to achieve that perfect shot. Providing shooting distance and the number of clicks needed for your rifle scope.

The integrated tracking assistant which can be used on either your phone or binoculars will lead you to your quarry.

These revolutionary rangefinding binoculars with the new Tracking Assist are now available in store.