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Tikka T1x MTR

Published: 05/09/2019

In-Store Price from £529

Our gun of the week the Tikka T1x MTR (Multi-Task Rimfire) is a rimfire, bolt action rifle. The T1x has been designed to handle a wide range of shooting tasks and shows all of the build quality and accuracy that Tikka are known for.

The Tikka T1x comes with a 10 round magazine , 16 or 20" threaded barrel and shares the footprint of its T3 brother. The T1x has the same synthetic stock that's found on some of the T3x rifles and the trigger is the same trigger that is found on the Tikka centerfire rifles.

The barrel is cold hammer forged, semi-heavy, and threaded for a suppressor or muzzle. The advantage of a semi-heavy barrel is that it’s stiffer, it helps to dampen recoil and stays cooler. All of this contributes to the rifles accuracy and complements the rifle’s balance, which doesn’t feel front-heavy.

The stock is injection-moulded synthetic and 35% fibreglass. The fibreglass in the stock helps to improve rigidity and is less sensitive to temperature variations. Less sensitivity to temperature changes helps with the accuracy of this rifle.

Inside the stock there is a foam insert contained at the rear which helps to reduce noise output of the gun. One more feature to mention is the flat-bottomed fore-end which provides a stable platform when shooting from a rest.

Modular features of the Tikka T1x MTR include the replaceable pistol grip and fore-end, making it possible to modify the angle of the grip and allowing for multiple shooting positions.

The T1x is also compatible with most T3 accessories making it easy to adapt the rifle to your liking.

What's not to like about this rifle.