Yildiz Over & Under

A winner since it was first introduced, the Yildiz over and under is a great value shotgun at a budget price range.

Stocked in our store with a range of options, 12/20 & 410 bores and 26/28 & 30" lengths, ejector & non-ejector variations. The Yildiz over and under offers something for everyone, junior and adult shooters alike.

Yildiz Over & Under Shotgun

Yildiz 410

Voted Best New Shotgun for the Shooting Industry Awards on its debut in 2010, the 410 over and under Yildiz shotgun is a 'made to scale' shotgun with conventional top lever opening, auto safety catch, single selective trigger and multi-chokes. The Yildiz 410 over and under offers a lightweight, modern, quality package at a budget price.

In-store from £425

Yildiz 20

This Yildiz 20 bore over and order features a lightweight alloy action and is easy to handle, popular with both game and clay pigeon shooters and is used by shooting coaches at many shooting grounds.

The junior version provides a next step from the 410 for youngsters not quite ready for a 12.

In-store from £525

Yildiz 12

Available in both ejector or non-ejector versions, the Yildiz 12 bore over and under is a lightweight shotgun with an alloy action. Ideal for game shooters but can also be used for the occasional clay shoot.

In-store from £525

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