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Yildiz Over & Under

Published: 16/09/2020

A winner since it was introduced, the Yildiz over and under is a great shotgun at a competitive price range.

Stocked in our store with a range of options, 12/20 & 410 bores and 26/28 & 30" lengths, ejector & non-ejector variations. The Yildiz over and under offers something for everyone, junior and adult shooters alike.


Voted Best New Shotgun for the Shooting Industry Awards on its debut back in 2010, the 410 over and under Yildiz shotgun is a 'made to scale' shotgun with conventional top lever opening, auto safety catch, single selective trigger and multi-chokes. The Yildiz 410 over and under offers a lightweight, modern, package at a budget price. The overall finish of these guns is very good with Yildiz making the most of modern manufacturing processes. The Yildiz 410 also provides impressive longevity and reliability, especially when considering the budget price.

In-store from £489


This Yildiz 20 bore over and order features a lightweight alloy action and is easy to handle, popular with both game and clay pigeon shooters and is used by shooting coaches at many shooting grounds. Yildiz have combined some of the latest manufacturing techniques to produce the Yildiz 20 and have produced a gun that is pleasing, with clean, conventional lines in a lightweight package. This is a budget shotgun that doesn't skimp on reliability and quality, your getting alot of value for your money.

The junior version provides a next step from the 410 for youngsters not quite ready for a 12.

In-store from £589


Available in both ejector or non-ejector versions, the Yildiz 12 bore over and under is a lightweight shotgun with an alloy action. Ideal for game shooters but can also be used for the occasional clay shoot. The Yildiz 12 shotgun is a very competitive all rounder well suited to competitive shooting and is offered at a very attractive price. Using the latest in manufacturing techniques Yildiz have come up with a very reliable, well put together shotgun that should on most shopping lists.

In-store from £799